Dine in menu



Chicken Satay (2) $7

Chicken tenderloin skewers w’ peanut satay sauce

Prawn Spring Rolls (2) $8

Mild Indian spices, vegetables w' sweet chilli sauce

Vegetable Spring Rolls  (2) $6.5

Crispy rice paper wrap, vegetables, lettuce

Chicken Dumplings (2) $6.5

Fried chicken & shiitake dumpling w' sticky sauce

Salt & Pepper Calamari$12

Deep fried calamari, sweet chilli mayo

Kew Fried Chicken $8

Spiced marinated, deep fried w’ sweet chilli mayo

Tom Yum Soup Prawns $8

Hot & sour soup, mushrooms, herbs

Prawn Crackers $5.5

Prawns chips or puff or whatever you call 

w’ satay sauce

Edemame $6

Steamed soybean in pod w’ nori butter


Classic Pad Thai $18.5, Veg&Tofu $15

Thin rice noodle, prawns & chicken, tofu & bean sprout, grounded peanut

Singapore Noodle chicken $17, 

Prawn or duck $19

Rice vermicelli noodle, curry powder, vegetables

Pad Se Ew Chicken $17, Veg&Tofu $15

Flat rice noodle, sweet dark soy, broccolis

Drunken Noodle Beef $17, Veg&Tofu $15

Flat rice noodle, vegetables, chilli jam, Thai basil


Vegetable & Cashew Nut

Chicken $17 Duck 19 Veg&tofu $16

Mixed vegetables, chilli jam & cashew nut

Chilli Basil Crispy Chicken $18

Chilli, garlic & Thai basil sauce, vegetables

Pad Prik Gang

Crispy Pork $18 Prawns $19

Wok fried in curry paste, mixed veg

Ginger Mushrooms Chicken $18

Mixed mushrooms, mixed veg, sesame oil

Kana Crispy Pork Belly $18.5

Chinese broccoli, garlic, oyster sauce

Chilli Pepper Barramundi $19

Barra fillets fried, chilli pepper & 

garlic sauce

Garlic Pepper Prawns $20

Beans & vegetable, garlic pepper sauce

Pad Satay Chicken $17 Beef $17 Veg&Tofu$16

Peanut Satay stir-fried sauce, vegetable

Fried Rice Chicken$15, Veg&Tofu $14

Egg, rice, Chinese broccoli


Red Curry Duck $19

    Vegetables, lychee, pineapple, cherry tomato

Green Curry Chicken $17, Veg&Tofu $15

     Greens, eggplant, bamboo shoot, Thai basil

Massaman Beef Curry $19

       Slow cooked, cashew nut, spiral potato


Crispy Fish Apple Salad $18

Deep fried barramundi fillets, Asian herbs, tamarind dressing, cashew nut

Thai Beef Salad $15

Marinated sliced beef chuck, mixed leafs, grounded rice powder, roasted chilli


Steamed rice $3

Coconut rice $4

 Roti bread $4 

Garlic roti $4.5 

Roti w’ peanut sauce $6.5


Kid’s fish and chips $6.5 

Kid’s chicken nuggets and chips $6.5 

Kid’s chicken fried rice & veg $7.